We’re excited to share our love for the handpan with you! Our Master the Handpan masterclass is designed to help you develop your own unique style and play together with others. Together, we’ll take a step-by-step journey to build up your musical skills, where you’ll learn to create your own rhythms, explore melodies and chords intuitively, and use your voice as a powerful tool to train your ear and deepen your understanding of the handpan. We’ll guide you through several creative methods to help you break free from old patterns and develop a deeper understanding of the instrument.

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“We believe that music has the power to connect people and enable authentic self-expression, and we’ve created a space where you can play along and experience the joy and connection of shared music creation.”

We also give live workshops and 1:1 teachings in Bristol and Munich. Marketa runs the Handpan Academy Bristol and Lea Valentina the Handpan Atelier München

Learn handpan with us in the handpan atelier Bristol and the Handpan Atelier München with Marketa and Lea Valentina