Our new album “All is inside” is now out in the world!

Months of preparation, many fulfilling days of recording, weeks of mixing and mastering, hours and hours of listening, drawing, designing, planning, lots of love, trust and intentions ~ all that has been transformed into this album inspired by nature, silence and beautiful human encounters.

In the depth of my heart
Endless treasures can be found
And full of gratitude I open up
To all the experiences that are waiting for me
Out there and inside

MEA is the handpan- and world music project by Marketa (Czech Republic) and Lea Valentina (Germany). Combining the sounds of handpans with voice, flute, guitar, mouth harp and percussion, we love to create a space where we can truly meet each other. Being silent and wild, soft and strong and raising our voices together in celebration of life. To reconnect with nature and with ourselves and to find the magic in our daily encounters and the details that surround us – with this mission in our hearts we embark on our musical journey and invite you to be part of it.

MEA is music from the heart
To make our souls sing
To bring peace to the mind
To connect to ourselves
To live the emotion of every moment
To dive into sound and vibrations
And to share our love and light
Marketa & Lea