Our new album 'Remind me of the magic' is out!

It is available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music or you can get your physical album and the mp3s HERE 

Our music

MEA is music from the heart
To make our souls sing
To bring peace to the mind
To connect to ourselves
To live the emotion of every moment
To dive into sound and vibrations
And to share our love and light
Marketa & Lea

About us

MEA is a project that evolved out of our deep friendship. We are Marketa (Czech Republic) and Lea (Germany), two mirrors who decided to walk in the same direction, sharing the vision of a colorful human experience with all its subtle facets. Finding our way on the spiritual path through yoga, meditation and soulful music, we aim to embrace the vast possibilities our lives offer by deeply entering within ourselves. Combining the sounds of handpans with voice, guitar, kalimba and percussion and playing with subtle melodies and expressive rhythms, we invite you to close your eyes and arrive in the moment.

To reconnect with nature and with ourselves and to find the magic in our daily encounters and the details that surround us – with this mission in our hearts we embark on our musical journey and invite you to be part of if.
We like to share our music at festivals, concert venues, at special events (weddings, ceremonies and other celebrations) or in intimate settings of people´s homes. And we love to spread the joy of handpan music with others, by organizing workshops and private classes for those interested to learn how to play the handpan and learn more about these instruments.