Handpan workshops in Bristol (UK) with Marketa and in Munich (DE) with Lea. 
And hopefully we will be able to organize new MEA workshops in the near future. 

Workshop &
Classes (Munich & Bristol)

We are happy to spread the joy of playing handpans by organising workshops and private classes for those interested to learn how to play the handpan and learn about these instruments. We will accompany you to intuitively explore the instrument and start creating your own music. We organise handpan workshops mostly in Munich, but we are open to explore new locations too. You can contact us for more information, or you can follow our Facebook page to stay updated.

MEA handpan duo concert at Straschek Center, Munich

Workshops &

We are excited to use handpans, percussions, rhythms and music as tools to enhance creativity, improve communication skills and strengthen team spirit during corporate workshops. We offer trainings and team building activities and we like to adapt our approach to the specific needs of every team. You can contact us to get more information or ask any questions you might have regarding corporate handpan workshops. We are based in Munich, however, we are open to travel to other locations too.